Clearance Materials

Here at CFC Fences and Decks we accumulate quite a bit of fence and deck materials that we can offer at clearance prices. This materials is sometimes extra from install jobs we do, sometimes it is slightly damaged materials that is not good enough for us to use on our install jobs. We often have Cedar Fence materials like, posts, slats, and rails that are damaged, have cracks, or are warped. We offer these materials at sometimes 50% off retail Prices.

We also have shorter pieces of composite decking that we offer at super good deals! If you have a small deck, a landing or even just some stairs there is a chance we might have enough for the job. We have random railing parts that could also be of use. We have had people buy our wood for firewood. People often buy our clearance decking and wood to build garden boxes. We even have had customers buy clearance materials to build a tree house. We have a clearance page that has an updated list of the clearance materials that we have. Also look out for our red clearance flag when we have special deals or items we are trying to sell fast.