Why wood pergola kits? 

Wood Pergola Kits create a classic looking garden environment without a lot of labor and construction know-how. Adding a pergola feature over a garden path, outdoor meeting space or a place for repose such as a deck was no easy task in years past because it required designing and measuring shapes, cutting the wood, crafting the top lattice, and devising secure ways to attach the materials together.

With the advent of wood pergola kits with pre-cut materials and pre-staining, however, the whole process became much simpler! Now, anyone can construct a pergola in just a few hours using one of our pergola kits.

Wood offers a traditional feel for yard shade structures. Maintaining a wood structure will take more time than a fiberglass or steel pergola, but with a virtually unlimited number of design options, wood is often the best choice.

Wood Pergola Kit Worksheets

Download Our Wood Pergola Kit Worksheet

The Benefits of our Pre-Cut Kits

  • Easy to install
  • Low-maintenance
  • Lasts a lifetime
  • Strong and stable
  • Multiple options for end cuts and knee braces
  • Natural beauty of wood

Want to Create Your Own Pergola? Buy Our Lumber-Only Package

If you want to customize your own pergola and have the tools to do so, lumber-only packages (without decorative cuts or dovetailing) for DIY customers are an affordable way to create your own pergola.

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Douglas Fir Lumber


Wood Pergola assembled from a kit

Our pergola kits can be configured for standalone pergolas or to attach to structures such as the wall of your home.

Attached Option

A pergola shade structure attached to a home exterior wall.



  • All kits include necessary hardware and knife plates
  • All materials are Rough Cut Douglas Fir
  • All joints are dovetail
  • Options for decorative end cuts, knee braces, and staining
  • Easy to assemble
  • Typical height to top of beam: 10′
  • Can be purchased as kits or as individual components


  • Kits available in 12’x12′, 14’x14′, 16’x16′, 18’x18′ and 20’x20′
  • Custom sizes available
  • 8×8 Posts (max spacing: 18′)
  • 4×10 Beams (max span: 18′)
  • 3×8 Rafters (24″ o.c.)
  • 2×6 Shade Planks (6″ o.c.)
  • 3″ thick braces
Dovetail Construction for Wood Pergola Kits

Dovetail joints create stronger, more stable construction

Knife plate for wood pergola kits

Knife plates to mount posts


End Cuts for Pergola Beams and Rafters


Braces for Wood Pergolas


Wood Pergola Kits Stain Colors


Accent your pergola with decorative hardware

The elegant black color Outdoor Accents from Simpson Strong-Tie are an aesthetic improvement while providing additional structural strength. Click on the image for more information.

Outdoor Accent Hardware on a Pergola

Who We Are

Fence & Deck Supply is your local supplier for pergolas. Our wood products are created from quality lumber and the designs create stunning shade structures that will transform your backyard dramatically. Whether you need a standalone structure or a pergola attached to the wall of your home, we have the product for you!

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