DeckWrap PowerBond® Waterproofing System

DeckWrap PowerBond® is a waterproofing system with a self-adhering membrane which protects wood surfaces. The patented PowerBond™ asphalt adhesive self-seals around screws and nails, as well as punctures and other fasteners, thus protecting the wood from the long-term effects of water.

Most decks use wood framing. It’s affordable and usually easy to source. However, wood will degrade over time. You can help improve the longevity of the lumber by protecting it with DeckWrap products to cover the tops and ends of joists, beams, and ledgers, as well as posts that are buried in the ground.

DeckWrap PowerBond® comes in shrink-wrapped rolls with instructions for retail display. Roll sizes available are 3″, 6″ by 75′ length, and 12″ widths by 25′ length.

DeckWrap Joist and Beam Protector

DeckWrap PowerBond® Features:

  • The adhesive stays put in temperatures as low as 25°F (-4°C)

  • Rot mitigation for wooden supports and posts

  • Can be used with treated, untreated or synthetic products like composites
  • Increases deck and post life

For Deck Installations: Use PowerBond® as flashing on top of the ledger board, and on top of joists before laying down decking.

For ACQ-Treated Lumber: The 12” PowerBond® as a barrier between ACQ-treated lumber and metal components, such as hangers and other brackets, to help them avoid premature corrosion.

For In-Ground Posts: Wood can degrade if fungal growth from contact with affected soil or concrete. Rot can frequently occur up to six inches below grade. Because fungal growth requires oxygen and moisture to thrive, the product acts as a barrier between the wet soil and the post. Use 12” PowerBond® to protect posts.

Protect your framing from rot with Deck Wrap

Protect Joists from Rot
DeckWrap on top of joists

DeckWrap PowerBond® features an ultra-strong top film surface that provides excellent foot traction.

DeckWrap Joist Protector

The 12″ material is ideal to use as the flashing membrane on the ledger board to prevent water infiltration into the back side of the ledger board.

Waterproof membrane on ledger

Wrap the ends of the joists with the product to create a barrier between the galvanized hardware and the ACQ-treated lumber.

Protective membrane on ends of joists

The product should be applied to the top of each joist. The self-sealing properties will seal around the deck nails or screws to prevent premature rot of the joists.

DeckWrap on top of joists

The product works with either treated lumber, untreated lumber or wood composite decking.

Decking boards laying on top of protective membrane

Use 12″ DeckWrap PowerBond® to wrap posts that will be submerged into the soil. This prevents premature rot and decay.

Posts wrapped to help avoid rot

The patented PowerBond™ adhesive system aggressively adheres to wood and metal to provide a waterproof barrier against the elements.

DeckWrap Joist Protector

The products are self-sealing around common fasteners to maintain a leak-proof, waterproof barrier.

Membrane sealed around nail to deny water through product

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