Deck hardware is essential for sound deck construction. That’s why we carry a full selection.

Are you building a new deck or upgrading an existing one, and want to ensure that your deck is safe and code compliant? Fence and Deck Supply stocks a large variety of Simpson fasteners for all of your deck framing needs as well as a large selection of deck fastening options including color matching composite screws and concealed fasteners.

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deck hardware

deck hardware


Fence and Deck Supply carries screw colors that will match you Trex composite deck boards. Color matching screws also attach your fascia boards. See the chart below to find the screw color that matches your boards.

Deck hardware color matching screws for Trex Boards

Deck Screw Box Quantity:

  • Box Count: 100 (covers approx. 28 sq. ft. of deck surface)
  • Box Count: 350 (covers approx. 100 sq. ft. of deck surface)
  • Box Count: 1750 (covers approx. 500 sq. ft. of deck surface)

Fascia Screw Box Quanity

  • Box Count: 100
The Fascia System is designed to accommodate the large amount of expansion and contraction that can occur with composite deck fascia boards. The pre-drilling tool creates an over-sized hole for the Fascia Screw, so that the fascia board hangs from the screw and can expand and contract without putting a large amount of force on the fastener.
fascia tool for deck hardware screws


Deck board fasteners are the perfect solution when you want to eliminate screws from the top of your deck. Create a beautiful, clean look with our hidden fastener systems.

The Start Clip

starter clip deck hardware

These are black, stainless steel fasteners designed exclusively for Trex and used to install the perimeter deck boards. Each bag of contains 36 clips.

Universal Fastener Installation Tool

universal hidden fastener deck hardware tool

Featuring a nose cone to ensure you hit the head of the screw every time, a handle that allows for both pushing and pulling and a handy bit holder in the bottom, this tool was created with both the professional and the first time DIY’er in mind.

Universal Fastener

universal fastener deck hardware

This self-gapping hardware is the main fastener component that attaches two boards together. It features a stainless steel deck screw already set in the fastener for increased durability and easier installation. Boxes of 90 screws covers 500 sq. ft. of decking.

Pneumatic Gun Hidden Fasteners

Hidden Fasteners for Trex Decking

Hidden Fasteners are also available for attachment with a pneumatic gun. A bucket of 900 covers approximately 500 sq. ft. of decking.


Trex Hidden Fastener Installation

Pneumatic Gun Hidden Fastener Installation