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Wood decking materials are available in a variety of species. All are excellent materials for outdoor living spaces. Although composite decking is typically the superior choice from a maintenance standpoint, if you want a natural deck, we have the materials you need.

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The Natural Beauty of Wood Decking

There are numerous types of wood species that work well for a beautiful and functional deck. From exotic tropical hardwoods to domestic woods that perform well overall against the elements and pests, we can supply you with the wood decking you need.

Fence & Deck Supply has sold wood decking for over 20 years. If wood is your material of choice, turn to our experts for your decking needs.

A note for consideration: Composite decking is a viable upgrade to wood

Historically, wood has been an economical choice for decking materials. However, over the past several years with the rise in demand for wood, limited availability, as well as new innovations in composite decking, consumers can now buy a quality composite deck board that looks like wood but does not require the maintenance. Composites also typically offer a 20+ year warranty.

The following wood decking products may be limited in availability. For an alternative low maintenance composite, check out our decking options.

Ipe Decking

Ipe decking originates from countries in Central and South America. It has natural properties that make it one of the toughest and longest lasting decking materials on the market today. Those properties include resistance to insects, mold, and rot. Ipe decking’s strength is found in it’s extremely dense and tight grain. For those looking for a natural wood look, it doesn’t get much better than Ipe.

Features & Benefits

  • Repels insects
  • Stays cool – won’t absorb heat
  • Resists rot and wood decay
  • Holds up under heavy use and extensive traffic
  • Discourages mold and fungus
  • Doesn’t scratch or sliver easily
  • Has increased slip resistance
Ipe Hardwood Deck

Redwood Decking

Redwood decks are as beautiful as they are dependable. Redwood stays straight and holds finishes longer than most woods. It is also naturally resistant to insects and decay. Redwood decks weather beautifully and will provide lasting enjoyment year after year. This softwood has a vibrant red color but will fade to a light gray if left untreated. As with all softwoods, regular sanding and staining are necessary for comfortable living on your deck. Overall, this wood is a winner when it comes to creating quality decks or outdoor spaces that will improve the value of a home or property.

Features & Benefits

  • Installs easily
  • Has a beautiful, natural appearance
  • Resists insects and decay
  • Absorbs stains and finishes well
Redwood Decking and Redwood Railing

Southern Yellow Pine Decking

Southern Yellow Pine has Dura Color, the latest advancement in pressure-treated lumber. Dura Color is treated with an EPA-registered waterborne wood preservative system and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty against termite attack and fungal decay. It’s also compatible with aluminum building products and is less corrosive to fasteners. Dura Color features the industry’s first two-year color assurance limited warranty against fading. Dura Color lumber features a natural tint that allows the unique qualities of the wood to remain visible (unlike paint or stain).

Features & Benefits

  • Has Dura Color treatment
  • Is more fade resistant compared to dyes
  • Looks new for a longer period of time
  • Is an environmentally preferred product
  • Creates greater visibility of natural wood characteristics
Southern Yellow Pine

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Fence and Deck Supply was involved with wood decking since we began selling materials over two decades ago. Although composite decking is more popular, a wooden deck is an excellent choice for a more traditional, natural deck. So, come to us for expert help and to purchase a full array of wood products. We look forward to visiting with you!