High Shipping Standards

I have been in the shipping industry for quite a few years. I take pride in being able to ship almost anything. CFC distributors specialize in shipping your custom fence to your doorstep in a safe and efficient way. Sometimes that can pose a problem. While most other companies would walk away from a shipment that is out of the norm CFC Distributors jumps at the challenge. One of those challenges is 16 ft long material. This usually occurs when a customer orders ranch rail.

I started out in logistics on the docks of a national shipping carrier. I always found it comical the way some company’s ship. We as dock workers only had so much time to load and unload freight. Freight was often damaged when it was not packaged correctly. This resulted in an unhappy customer and end user.

Fast forward quite a few years later. Everything that ships out of CFC Distributors location is package to insure safe transit delivery. Our biggest success is shipping large “out of the box” sized items. How do you ship a 16 ft long pallet that weighs 2,000 lbs plus?

The answer is easy. Build it strong from the ground up. Our 16 ft pallets are shipped with heavy duty casters on the bottom of the pallet. Since this kind of pallet cannot be picked up with a forklift the casters allow 1-2 people to easily push around this mammoth of a pallet. No one else in the industry ships like we do. It’s a standard that CFC Distributors holds very high.

If you’re looking for high quality fence and deck materials at job lot quantities then CFC Distributors is your last stop. Unsurpassed customer service and product awareness no one else does it like we do.