5 Tips For Winter Yard Prep

Trex Seclusions Woodland Brown n Winter

We’ve had a pretty mild fall so far, and most of Utah has yet to experience a significant snowfall this season. Now is the best time to prepare your yard and lawn for the upcoming winter. Here are a few ideas to make sure you and your yard are ready.

Power Washing Garden Hose

1. Power Washing

Before the freezing temperature set in, give your deck, fence, and outdoor furniture a good power wash. Don’t assume a nice blizzard will do your cleaning for you. Remove all dirt and debris from outdoor furniture before storing it or covering it up to prevent stains and rust. Scrub your deck to prep it for sealant. And rinse off any build-up that your fence has acquired over the past several months.

Snow Covered Furniture and Deck

2. Cover, Secure, and Store

Take down the trampoline, stack those chairs and cover up the grill. Any surfaces left to collect ice and snow will need to be cleaned off regularly to prevent damage. So the less you have to maintain, the better. Don’t forget to secure tarps or other lightweight items that might fly away on windy days. And if you have an enclosed space to store the things on your deck, do so now. It’ll be much easier to shovel off your deck if you’re not trying to navigate around chairs, planters, and a grill.

FDS Tip:

Installing Trex RainEscape beneath deck boards will help to keep the area underneath your deck dry. As the snow melts, the RainEscape drainage system will act as a gutter, diverting water away from the lower level.

Trex RainEscape

Winter Deck and Lawn

3. Seal Your Deck

Composite decks, like Trex, don’t need a sealant to protect them from ice and snow. But wood decks can benefit from a layer of stain and seal to keep them damage-free and looking nice. Throughout the winter, your deck will face freezing temperatures, solid ice, several feet of snow, and the constant scraping of a snow shovel. Give it a little love, so come spring, your deck will be ready for all those backyard BBQs.


4. Prep Your Plants

Rake those leave, trim those bushes, and plant those bulbs. You don’t want to start from scratch come spring, so get your lawn and gardens ready for winter. If you take care of your lawn, aerating, cleaning up debris, and giving a bit of fertilizer, it will be lush and green when the snow finally melts. Take care of your more delicate plants by covering them to prevent them being crushed under the snow. Give your young trees a bit of stability with poles and stakes to keep them from snapping.


5. Plan For Winter Fun

Utah winters are famous for the cold and the snow, but we Utahns don’t let that stop us from having a good time. From snow forts to sledding hills, fire pits and hot tubs, there’s plenty to do in your yard in the winter. Clear out the perfect space for that giant snow fort. Clear a direct path from your hot tub to your back door. Set up your wood pile right next to your fire pit. Build up a dirt hill, so when it snows you’re ready for sledding. Plan now, so you can make the most of your yard this winter.