Fence Decorations

A beautiful yard deserves a beautiful fence. When building a brand-new fence isn’t realistic, there are updates you can make to your existing fence to take it from ugly to amazing.  Planters and screens can hide the uglier parts of your fence, while a bit of paint or some solar lights can enhance the beauty of your yard.  Most people consider their fences are a protective barrier, but they don’t have to feel like a cage. With a little imagination and work, your fence will become the perfect backdrop to your home and yard.

Trex-Seclusions Woodland Brown


A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your fence. But you don’t have to limit yourself to one color! Paint sections in a rainbow of colors or try your hand at a fence mural.  You don’t have to be an amazing artist to create some of these beautiful fences. A stencil and a can of paint or stain is a simple way to create amazing designs.  Floral and plant-based designs can add a more natural feel to your outdoor space. Some of the more whimsical designs can be fun for the kids playing in the yard.


When you can’t paint a fence, consider a cover.  This is often the best route when the ugly fence belongs to your neighbor and you can’t make changes to the actual fence.  There are endless options to cover an unsightly fence. Consider bamboo screens or wood panels over a chain link fence.  Climbing plants will go a long way to shield and cover an ugly fence and add more flora to your yard. Or take a different approach by weaving fabric through a chain link fence to create fun designs.


Planters along your fence will not only cover an ugly fence but allow you to expand your garden. Especially in small yards, when ground space is precious, a vertical garden can be a wonderful idea. Hanging fence planters can be the perfect space for flowers, herbs, and even some fruits and veggies.  Try hanging old containers, rain gutters, and even colorful rainboots.

Your fence should be a point of pride in your yard. Don’t let an ugly fence detract from a beautiful landscape. Make sure that you actually own the fence before starting any complex alterations. If the fence is owned by a neighbor or an HOA, use the more temporary options to decorate the fence.  There are endless possibilities, only limited by your creativity.

Don’t have a fence to decorate?  Or is your fence too ugly to fix? Contact us today to get a quote for materials. Our fences are so beautiful, you might want to leave them as is!

Garden Picket French Pointed Gothic

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