Bufftech Benefits

People are always wondering how to save money; or at least pay for what they get. When it comes to their home, there is no substitute in this viewpoint. The rich do not get rich by paying more than what they get, nor do they get rich by buying on the spot. They know how to research and get exactly what they pay for; nothing less.

When it comes to fencing, people want to know they are getting a fence that will last; one that was built to stand the test of time. There are of course different levels of fence quality. With wood, there are several different woods that can be used to fence your property. Some are cheap and just offer a barrier like Douglas Fir. Some offer striations in the wood and accept stains well like cedar and redwood. Yes, the prices range widely depending on the quality of each wood from $10-15 per foot up to $20-30 per foot.

Plastic fences are no different. With vinyl there are several different qualities of the poly vinyl chloride. All companies will tell you that the vinyl they use is the best, but how can you tell for sure? Most have UV inhibitors to block fading, but that limits the color options you can choose. Some will tell you that their vinyl can withstand hurricane winds; not true. Vinyl can even get brittle in extreme cold temperatures.

SimtTek is the only plastic fence that has the Miami-Dade wind rating to withstand 110mph sustained winds and 130mph gusts. Bufftech will not get brittle in extreme cold temperatures and Bufftech offers colors to please every eye; light, medium, and dark. Bufftech has been installed in residential applications, commercial properties, as well as known places like the Ford Motor Proving Grounds in Michigan and the LDS Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah.

If you are looking for that faux rock wall, simulated rock wall, or upscale look to your home or business property line, give Bufftech a look; you will be pleasantly surprised what plastic can look like.