Using Existing Posts

Throughout the years, we have encountered some fence projects that already have chain link posts cemented into a retaining wall. To save some money in the fence installation project, an option for this situation is to use box posts to sleeve over the existing chain link posts. Although CFC cannot warranty the chain link posts, it is a very viable option. It not only saves money, but it also saves time and resources.

If there is a project that is going to be putting the fence on top of a retaining wall, the most commonly used practice is to have a concrete cutting company cut circular holes into the cement. These companies use a diamond tipped blade to cut the cleanest cut in the cement. These are also pretty spendy. So if there is any chance to save money (if this is necessary for you), using box posts to sleeve over existing posts is an option.

When any projects needs box posts, we create a post with a hole in the middle so the box post slides over the top of the chain link post. The crew then uses a special fastener (screw) to secure the post onto the chain link post.

You may think this won’t be as aesthetically pleasing, but it’s actually very hard to tell the difference between a fence that uses box posts and a fence that uses regular solid 6×6 or 4×4 posts.