Recommendations for Trex Graffiti Removal

As a graffiti remover you may use mineral spirits or a prepared graffiti remover. I found that the graffiti remover was quicker and performed a little better. I used a product called Klean-Strip Graffiti Remover. It is a spray can product available at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart for around $8 per can. There are other products available at various paint stores that should perform as well.

When using the Klean strip, I found that spraying it on the graffiti and then waiting about 5 minutes works best. The product says to leave on about 30 minutes, but prolonged contact removes the pigment in the trex as well. So after 5 minutes, use a plastic scraper or a piece of heavy cardboard to scrape off the loosened paint. Follow up with a wet sponge to clean the rest. Depending on the paint, some trace color will remain in the porous surface.

To help eliminate the problem of the trace colors remaining, I recommend using a sealer to provide a sacrificial layer. This fills the pores and helps to prevent color getting down into the pores. The graffiti remover will remove the sealer also so just reapply the sealer after cleaning.

The product we have tested is Sealcrete Waterproofing Sealer which can be  found at Jones Paint for around $14-$15 per gallon, depending on volume purchased. Coverage is approx 175sq ft per gallon. A 2nd coat would get around 260 sq ft per gallon.