Trex Fencing Creep Testing

When Trex Seclusions® wood composite fencing was first brought into production in 2005, Trex® wanted to make sure that they had a more superior product to the common dog-eared composite fences that were being manufactured. Between the months of March and June of 2006, the Trex Company sent their fence product to York, PA to have it tested for its “Creep Test”. In a creep test, a product is tested at a specific temperature for a specific length of time. There is also a specific amount of weight added to the product. With these three specifics in place, the product is viewed and any movement in the product, i.e. sag or warping, is recorded.

The two Trex® panels that were tested were both 6’ high by 8’wide Trex Seclusions wood composite fence panels. They were enclosed by an insulated box designed for high temperature conditions. The testing facility added windows to be able to view the dial indicators installed on both the top and bottom rails. The fence panels were then loaded with 100lbs attached to the middle of the rails. Any movements in the fence rails were then recorded.

Once the temperature reached its target of 125°F ± 5°F, the measurements were recorded. The testing lasted for a period of 90 days at the same temperature with the same amount of weight on it. The results were staggering. Most consumers in heat driven areas of the country (like Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California) know that composite does not do well in high temperatures for long periods of time.

The final test specifics were: actual weight hung from panel – 103.54lbs and steady state temperature – 124.4°F. The top rail in this test only moved a minimal 0.0158 inches and the bottom rail moved a minimal 0.039 inches.

Other composite fences in this test would have sagged or warped in temperatures of 125° for 90 days. Also, with the added weight of 100lbs, one would assume that there would be more movement than what was witnessed. So, the next time you replace your fence and think that you have to settle for a cement, wood, or masonry fence, give CFC Distributors a call at 1-877-700-8739.