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Here is an article that I stumbled upon that reminds me how far trex has come. It’s hard to imagine that in such a short time Trex composite materials have become a preferred building material among contractors. Fence & Deck Supply in Utah has been a driving force in the success of Trex building products across the state. Today we service markets across the United States. As the largest supplier of Trex Seclusions fencing, FDS has adapted to the changing demands from contractors and homeowners.

Our national partner, FDS Fence Distributors, now offers Trex Fencing by the job. This allows for the homeowner or contractor to buy only what they need when they want it. Reducing the amount of overhead that a fence contractor needs to have allows them to be more flexible in their business operations. As a leading pioneer in the capabilities and demands of Trex Fencing , FDS Fence Distributors can provide you not only with the product but the expertise needed to successfully complete your project.

Fence & Deck Supply is centrally located in the state of Utah and is quickly expanding to meet the demand of our customers. Fence & Deck Supply is a Trex authorized supplier. We are proud to say that we don’t follow the competition, we lead the way. If you are in Utah, call our Fence & Deck Supply locations. If you are outside of Utah and are interested in Trex fencing products, feel free to contact us at 877-700-8739.

Trex Easy Care Decking Voted Number One By American Homestyle & Gardening Magazine Readers
WINCHESTER, VA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 1, 1999–What is the most popular home product of 1999? Trex(R) Easy Care Decking(R), according to American Homestyle & Gardening Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards. In the July/August 1999 issue, the magazine invited readers to vote for their favorite home products in a two-page color spread that featured 53 products nominated in a variety of categories. Trex decking was voted as the number one favorite with more than 4,000 votes. Trex decking and the runners-up are featured in the December/January 2000 issue of American Homestyle & Gardening.Manufactured by Trex Company of Winchester, VA, Trex decking answers the needs of busy homeowners seeking an attractive outdoor living space without the continuous care required by wood-surfaced decks. Trex decking never needs stains or sealants to keep its long-lasting good looks and will not rot, crack or split due to moisture, sunlight or insects. And, because Trex decking is completely splinter-free, families can go barefoot without a care! Homeowners will also be pleased to know that Trex decking is the only decking lumber of its kind to be code-listed by the nation’s three major building code agencies.

“We are very pleased and honored that the readers of American Homestyle & Gardening recognize the numerous benefits of Trex decking,” said Andy Ferrari, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. From a style standpoint, Ferrari said the company encourages homeowners and their contractors to “think outside the rectangle” when planning to build a deck. “With Trex decking, the design possibilities are endless,” he said. “Trex finishes off beautifully with regular woodworking tools and curved shapes can be created easily. And, the homeowner is not limited to a rectangular deck. We’ve seen some incredible Trex decks that are completely round, octagonal or that incorporate curves and angles not possible with other decking lumber.”

Trex decking is made primarily from recycled plastic grocery bags, reclaimed pallet wrap and waste wood. The company reminds consumers to bring their plastic grocery sacks back to the supermarket recycling bin, because they are truly making an impact. In fact, Trex Company used more than 90 million pounds of reclaimed plastic last year along with equal amounts of waste wood fiber to manufacture Trex decking. Due to the product’s growing popularity, Trex Company unveiled a brand new, state-of-the-art production facility in Fernley, Nevada this past summer to complement its original plant in Winchester, Virginia.

Trex decking has a proven track record in the harshest environments in North America. It has been used for miles of boardwalk along the seashores in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and along Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada; for the Presidential Trail at Mt. Rushmore and for walkways throughout the Florida Everglades.