Trex Fascia as Fencing: DIY Highlight

As wonderful as Trex composite fencing is, there are some design limitations. It is not a picket fence. You cannot make it a standard picket fence. There is just no way. The pickets interlock making it a full privacy fence all the time. It’s one of the beautiful things about it. What do you do, then, if you want a picket fence, but still want all of the great features of Trex composite materials?

Trex Fascia Boards as Fencing

These homeowners in California decided to use Trex Fascia boards as fencing. They secured the fascia boards with a Trex baluster and overlapped the posts. To save time on their part, they had all of the fascia boards cut by our shop and delivered the proper length to their house. To finish it off they ordered and installed a custom Trex Mission Gate. The colors match perfectly because Trex Fascia is available in all of the colors of Trex composite Fencing.

Trex Fencing Has a New Facebook Page

Trex Fencing just announced a new Facebook page. Visit them for all of the best information about how you can obtain Trex composite fencing.

Trex Fencing on Facebook.


Spring Fortress Iron Promotion

Spring is here and with it means fence season is upon us. To celebrate CFC Distributors is offering a Fortress Iron V1 Residential Promotion for contractors.

Try it again for the first time. Our challenges in the past have only made us stronger! With all the issues resolved, we are so convinced you’ll like our product that we’ll give you $10.00 off per panel* on your first project of the season (up to 25 panels) just for trying fortress again.

New for 2011 Improved Performance

Nominal Size panels:

  • Allow for 2″ clearance under fence and gate
  • Longer Brackets with shorter length panels allow for more adjustability (posts 8′ on center)
  • More Durable coating with increased adhesion

Visit our new gallery to see what you can do with Fortress Iron.

*Offer good through May 1, 2012 or while supplies last. Applies only to V1 residential 6′ tall flat top iron. Fortress Iron instant rebate voucher is required at time of purchase for discount.