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5 Tips For Winter Yard Prep

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Step vs. Slope

There are very few yards that are perfectly level. So when deciding to install a fence, you have to decide what the best way is to deal with a change in the level of the yard. If there is only a slight change in the grade, you can hire someone to level the ground. Usually this doesn’t cost too much. If this isn’t an option, there are two other ways to deal with unlevel ground. Stepping or sloping.

Stepping a fence is where each panel is level, and the panels are stepped down along the grade of the ground. There are some types of fences that come in solid panels and can only be installed by stepping the fence. This method can leave gaps under a portion of the panels, but this can be remedied by putting some fill dirt or some sort of landscaping at the base of the fence.

Sloping is another method of building a fence along the grade of a yard. This means the panels are shifted to follow the slope of the ground, leaving little to no gap under the fence. It also gives a cleaner look between the fence and the ground.

If you are unsure which method would be the best, ask the estimator who gives the bid for your new fence installation. See more information at http://www.fenceutah.com/sloping-and-stepping/.