Changes in SimTek Fencing 2013

SimTek™ Fencing 2013 Updates

As a dealer of SimTek™ fencing products we have partnered with the manufacturer to help them meet the fast paced growing demand for an alternative to precast concrete fencing, high cost rock walls, and masonry walls.  SimTek™ fence has essentially reinvented the idea of simulated rock walls with the most cost effective alternative that is easy to install with a minimum impact on your existing landscape.

The faux rock wall appearance of SimTek™ comes from their patented design of rotational-molded recycled polyethylene found in the Ecostone panels, and virgin polyethylene materials found in EcoStone Plus panels, posts, post caps, and other accessories.

Recent 2013 Updates to SimTek™

Available Colors

All of the fade resistant 7 colors: White Granite, Grey Granite, Desert Granite, Beige Granite, Black Granite, Brown Granite, and Dark Brown Granite beginning in 2013 are available in both EcoStone(2013) or EcoStone Plus(2013) [formerly known as Proline].

While color formulas have changed the original formula colors of EcoStone (2011-2012) will still be available on a special order basis as an EcoStone Classic color.  This is also the case with the original SimTek™ Proline (2007-2012) fencing which can be special orderd as Proline Classic for existing fence line extensions. 

Reality about SimTek™ colors:

While the manufacturer indicates that there is a slight difference in the color formulation of Ecostone Classic (2011-2012) colors compared to the Proline fence (2007-2012) and the New EcoStone (2013) or EcoStone Plus (2013 ) ALL of these fence product lines very closely approximate the original Proline fence (2007-2012) colors in appearance with the exception of the Ecostone Classic (2011-2012) brown color.

Added Strength

SimTek™ also reports that the new formula blends also result in an even more robust product structurally for EcoStone Plus (2013 ).

New Gate Option:

Now a new Variable –Sized gate with an internal steel frame and SimTek™ shells and uprights, can be built onsite to the width of the opening.  This eliminates the need to wait for a special order sized gate from the factory.

Staying the Same:

  • Gates: Standard width gates 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and special order gates for oversized openings are still available.
  • Warranty:
  • EcoStone: 25 year Manufacturer Warranty
  • EcoStone Plus: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Superior Wind Rating: certified to constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts
  • Stability: both durable and stable in temperature extremes( -40° to 140° F)
  • Sound Cancelation: Blocks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26
  • Green Solution:  while all SimTek™ fencing is made from recyclable plastic, EcoStone panels are made from 25% recycled  plastic earning a  LEED Certification rating of 3-4 points
  • Graffiti Resistant: the closed molecular structure and chemically inert properties of the polyethylene plastic (same type of plastic used for gasoline containers) allow for a simple pressure washer removal process for most graffiti , and removal with carburetor cleaner  for stubborn paints.
  • Made in the USA