Trex Advantages –

I came across an article on referencing Trex Seclusions wood composite fencing. The article talked about the Trex Company and its advancement in the composite world. Trex Seclusions wood composite fencing is more than a fence; more durable than vinyl and even most other dog-ear composites. It read, The perfect fence should do more than just define a border. It should promise privacy and be welcoming at the same time. It should raise property value while being low-maintenance… But most of all, the perfect fence should be an extension of your home.”

How true is this? Most homeowners will take the cheap way out and install a chain link, wood, or vinyl fence, and not take into consideration the loss of value, the amount of maintenance, or money needed later on to maintain the wood fence or cheap vinyl fence they just paid for. Wood has to be stained every other year and vinyl is so brittle, errant rocks leave holes, kids punch or kick out panels, and lawn mowers and weed whackers break posts.

There is a great quote I love to reference when making a big dollar purchase. It says:The bitter taste of poor quality lingers far longer than the initial sweetness of a cheap price. Before ever hearing this quote, I would tend to lean to the “value” item I was purchasing, rather than taking into consideration how soon I was going to have to replace it compared to the name brand item that initially cost more. When replacing a fence or building a new one, you need to understand that a wood fence usually lasts 10-12 years with perfect maintenance. Vinyl again is so brittle that constant maintenance is needed to fix holes, panels, and posts that get damaged. Trex Seclusions wood composite fencing is durable like wood, and has the benefit of vinyl with its low-maintenance. With Trex Seclusions’ 25 year warranty and world renowned company backing that warranty; it’s hard to imagine ever having to do anything more than the occasional washing.