Wood Fence as a Sustainable Green Product

  • You’re picking from a renewable resource. Every year Washington is among the top six states that plants new seedlings. Hundreds of millions of new trees are planted to replace the mature trees that are harvested, ensuring that new-growth forests will develop and be ready for harvesting 60 to 80 years from now.
  • Your fence is 100% bio-degradable. Years from now you can rest assured that the fence you purchased today can be chipped down, reused for other components or safely bio-degrade in a landfill without any harmful impact to the environment.
  • Making wood fences requires less energy. 47% of all materials made in America are from wood. However, the total energy needed to manufacture all of those wood products is only 4% of the energy required for all manufacturing. Concrete, chain-link, vinyl or ornamental iron can’t make that claim and all require more energy to manufacture their fence products. Wood is by far the best resource for making products that don’t require excessive amounts of energy, and that makes for sound choices for our environment
  • USA made. Most importantly, all of the wood fencing products sold by Fence and Deck Supply are made in the United States of America. CFC is proud to support US jobs from our renewable resources.