Premium Cedar Fencing

The Benefits of Fence and Deck Supply Fences

  • No surprises: Every board has been graded, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality of Western Red Cedar.
  • Consistent supply: We maintain a well-stocked supply of all its cedar to meet all incoming orders. We maintain more products in our inventory at any one time than our competitors. If you need it, Fence and Deck Supply has it.
  • Dependability for your business: When it comes to pleasing your customers you don’t want any surprises. Cedar fencing products will help you build your business and make your clients happy ones.
  • Customer services: We provide tools and support resources that makes the sales process for distributors and installers easier.

To care for your new Cedar Fence consider the following ideas:

  • Consider staining, oiling or painting your Cedar fence. Paints will last the longest (up to 10 years) followed by stains (4 years) and oils (2 years).
  • Reapply a fresh coat periodically. Western Red Cedar is extremely resilient to weathering but if you want your fence looking the way you prefer and in top condition, remember to periodically add another coat when it’s the right time. Just remember to first clean your fence thoroughly before applying that fresh coat.
  • Perform periodic checks and patch cracks. By repairing breaks in your wood you’re keeping water from getting into the deeper structure of the fence. When it freezes this water will expand and push the wood further apart, resulting in a split.
  • Replace broken boards and reattach loose ones. Pets and children will try and find ways to get around or underneath your fence. Simple maintenance will help keep them from roaming outside your yard – or from getting in.