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Trex Decking for Boardwalk

Hurricane Sandy sure did a lot of damage along the coast. While surfing the web at my usual news websites I noticed an article about the rebuilding of the boardwalk on Belmar beach. The city decided to reconstruct the boardwalk due to its economic affect that it has on the community. The cool thing is […]

Utahs Acceptance of Wood Fencing Alternatives

Utah’s fencing market is prime for alternatives to wood. There are several cultural reasons that seem to have driven this demand. Utah’s predominant religious community emphasizes church and family pursuits on Sunday and specifically discourages yard work related activities on this day. That means shorter weekends to take care of things like fence maintenance. For […]

Trex Advantages – MoneyPit.com

I came across an article on themoneypit.com referencing Trex Seclusions wood composite fencing. The article talked about the Trex Company and its advancement in the composite world. Trex Seclusions wood composite fencing is more than a fence; more durable than vinyl and even most other dog-ear composites. It read, “The perfect fence should do more […]

Wood Fence as a Sustainable Green Product

You’re picking from a renewable resource. Every year Washington is among the top six states that plants new seedlings. Hundreds of millions of new trees are planted to replace the mature trees that are harvested, ensuring that new-growth forests will develop and be ready for harvesting 60 to 80 years from now. Your fence is 100% […]

Composite Fence Overview

Composite fencing looks and feels like a real wood fence, but it is not. It is generally made from recycled materials such as plastic and wood fibers. What is Composite Fencing? The “composite” in composite fencing refers to the process of binding two or more dissimilar materials together to create something new and generally stronger. […]

Day Break Academy Fence Installation

Zions Builders, the general contractor for the DayBreak Arts Academy located in South Jordan, Utah, has chosen to sub contract the custom wood fencing for the project to CFC Fences & Decks based out of Provo, Utah. The custom wood fencing with an architectural touch of design will go around the 464’ perimeter of the […]

Recommendations for Trex Graffiti Removal

As a graffiti remover you may use mineral spirits or a prepared graffiti remover. I found that the graffiti remover was quicker and performed a little better. I used a product called Klean-Strip Graffiti Remover. It is a spray can product available at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart for around $8 per can. There are […]

Using Existing Posts

Throughout the years, we have encountered some fence projects that already have chain link posts cemented into a retaining wall. To save some money in the fence installation project, an option for this situation is to use box posts to sleeve over the existing chain link posts. Although CFC cannot warranty the chain link posts, […]

Anatomy of A Cedar Fence

After 25+ years of specialized fence building experience CFC Fences and Decks realizes that we have a tendency to speak almost a foreign language to customer exploring various fence styles and products. So in an effort to improve communication with our customers please allow us to clarify each individual piece and part of a typical […]