Why Trex fence over wood or vinyl?

Why Trex fence over wood or vinyl?

Wood and vinyl fence products have dominated the fence market for a long time. Traditional wood fences have been used since the early 19th century and have been the most cost efficient fence on the market. Vinyl fences became very popular in the mid 90’s when a poly vinyl chloride product was innovated for a low-maintenance, semi-durable, inexpensive, and neighbor friendly design. The fence industry is now noticing another change in the fence market with the next generation of fencing towards wood composite fences. Wood composite fences cost more than wood or vinyl because of the virtues composite fencing has to offer. See the comparison chart below that can be found on http://www.trexfencing.com/comparison.

Take the strength and the look of a wood fence with the low-maintenance of a vinyl fence and what do you create? A wood composite fence. These two reasons are why composite fencing is the next generation in the fence market. Consumers are tired of the synthetic fence look that does not provide a wood appeal. Consumers are also tired of destroying our national forests to build wood products.

Some composite fence manufactures such as Fiberon, Timbertech, Moisture Shield, or Nature Composites have tried to mimic a traditional style wood fence by providing wood composite fence pickets. These composite fence pickets are relatively expensive and still do not provide the best solution for a fully composite fence because of the composite quality, warping, bending, and unnatural feel of a wood fence. Usually these composite fence products like the pickets are composite but usually the rail’s core and interior framed wall of the posts are wood with a composite wrap or the rail’s and posts are metal. For a comparison chart and additional product information on composite fences go tohttp://www.compositefencing.net/composite-fencing-comparison/. Keep in mind that composite fences are combined with wood and plastic for two purposes: plastic shields wood from moisture and insect damage and wood protects plastic ultra violet damage. With having all composite fence materials will not cause the fence to corrode, warp, rot, and splinter unlike the other composite fence products that could happen because of the pure wood and metal pieces within the fence products.

Trex Fencing provides a solution for a fully upscale composite fence without any wood not combined with plastic. The only two pieces on a Trex fence that are not wood composites are the aluminum bottom rail that provides weight support for a section of fence and the nylon glass fence brackets (refer to websitehttp://www.trexfencing.com/technical-resources for exploded view of the fence in color or see picture below). Also unlike other most composite fences on the market, Trex fencing has been engineered, proven, and tested. Trex fencing has thousands of lineal footage installed throughout the United States and Canada. Trex fencing is also considered a “Green” product because of the 96% recycled content that qualifies for LEED® Certification (http://www.trex.com/trex/groups/content/@mktg/documents/document/trexmd_001644.pdf).

Just like the great poet Robert Frost said, “Good fences makes good neighbors.” Truly this statement correct because having a “Good” fence along a shared property line provides privacy, low-maintenance for property line owners, and reduces trespassing.

For more details and how to order Trex fencing from CFC Distributors go to www.FenceSellers.com.

Fence & Deck Supply and FDS Distributors Leads the Way

Here is an article that I stumbled upon that reminds me how far trex has come. It’s hard to imagine that in such a short time Trex composite materials have become a preferred building material among contractors. Fence & Deck Supply in Utah has been a driving force in the success of Trex building products across the state. Today we service markets across the United States. As the largest supplier of Trex Seclusions fencing, FDS has adapted to the changing demands from contractors and homeowners.

Our national partner, FDS Fence Distributors, now offers Trex Fencing by the job. This allows for the homeowner or contractor to buy only what they need when they want it. Reducing the amount of overhead that a fence contractor needs to have allows them to be more flexible in their business operations. As a leading pioneer in the capabilities and demands of Trex Fencing , FDS Fence Distributors can provide you not only with the product but the expertise needed to successfully complete your project.

Fence & Deck Supply is centrally located in the state of Utah and is quickly expanding to meet the demand of our customers. Fence & Deck Supply is a Trex authorized supplier. We are proud to say that we don’t follow the competition, we lead the way. If you are in Utah, call our Fence & Deck Supply locations. If you are outside of Utah and are interested in Trex fencing products, feel free to contact us at 877-700-8739.

Trex Easy Care Decking Voted Number One By American Homestyle & Gardening Magazine Readers
WINCHESTER, VA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–December 1, 1999–What is the most popular home product of 1999? Trex(R) Easy Care Decking(R), according to American Homestyle & Gardening Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Awards. In the July/August 1999 issue, the magazine invited readers to vote for their favorite home products in a two-page color spread that featured 53 products nominated in a variety of categories. Trex decking was voted as the number one favorite with more than 4,000 votes. Trex decking and the runners-up are featured in the December/January 2000 issue of American Homestyle & Gardening.Manufactured by Trex Company of Winchester, VA, Trex decking answers the needs of busy homeowners seeking an attractive outdoor living space without the continuous care required by wood-surfaced decks. Trex decking never needs stains or sealants to keep its long-lasting good looks and will not rot, crack or split due to moisture, sunlight or insects. And, because Trex decking is completely splinter-free, families can go barefoot without a care! Homeowners will also be pleased to know that Trex decking is the only decking lumber of its kind to be code-listed by the nation’s three major building code agencies.

“We are very pleased and honored that the readers of American Homestyle & Gardening recognize the numerous benefits of Trex decking,” said Andy Ferrari, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing. From a style standpoint, Ferrari said the company encourages homeowners and their contractors to “think outside the rectangle” when planning to build a deck. “With Trex decking, the design possibilities are endless,” he said. “Trex finishes off beautifully with regular woodworking tools and curved shapes can be created easily. And, the homeowner is not limited to a rectangular deck. We’ve seen some incredible Trex decks that are completely round, octagonal or that incorporate curves and angles not possible with other decking lumber.”

Trex decking is made primarily from recycled plastic grocery bags, reclaimed pallet wrap and waste wood. The company reminds consumers to bring their plastic grocery sacks back to the supermarket recycling bin, because they are truly making an impact. In fact, Trex Company used more than 90 million pounds of reclaimed plastic last year along with equal amounts of waste wood fiber to manufacture Trex decking. Due to the product’s growing popularity, Trex Company unveiled a brand new, state-of-the-art production facility in Fernley, Nevada this past summer to complement its original plant in Winchester, Virginia.

Trex decking has a proven track record in the harshest environments in North America. It has been used for miles of boardwalk along the seashores in New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island and along Lake Ontario in Toronto, Canada; for the Presidential Trail at Mt. Rushmore and for walkways throughout the Florida Everglades.

Neighbor Friendly Fences

There are many types of fences to choose from when considering a fence to put onto your property. One type is a “neighbor-friendly” fence, where it looks the same on both sides of the fence. Fortress Iron and Trex composite fencing automatically look the same on both sides. The type of fence that is usually a little harder to make neighbor friendly is cedar wood fencing.

There are a few styles of wood fences that are automatically neighbor friendly. They are on the higher end of the price scale, but there are also options for a basic dog ear or flat top wood fence. Generally with cedar fencing, the side facing the neighbor’s property is the side without the rails, and the side facing your property has the rails showing. To make these fences look similar on both sides, every other panel can be flipped around to face the opposite direction. So every other panel has rails facing one way and the next panel is just slats.

Some customers split the cost of the fence they are installing with their neighbor. These customers generally try to decide on the fence specifics together, and make it look similar on both sides.

SimTek Updates

Bufftech™ Fencing 2013 Updates

As a dealer of Bufftech™ fencing products we have partnered with the manufacturer to help them meet the fast paced growing demand for an alternative to precast concrete fencing, high cost rock walls, and masonry walls. Bufftech™ fence has essentially reinvented the idea of simulated rock walls with the most cost effective alternative that is easy to install with a minimum impact on your existing landscape.

The faux rock wall appearance of Bufftech™ comes from their patented design of rotational-molded recycled polyethylene found in the Ecostone panels, and virgin polyethylene materials found in EcoStone Plus panels, posts, post caps, and other accessories.

Recent 2013 Updates to Bufftech™

Available Colors

All of the fade resistant 7 colors: White Granite, Grey Granite, Desert Granite, Beige Granite, Black Granite, Brown Granite, and Dark Brown Granite beginning in 2013 are available in both EcoStone(2013) or EcoStone Plus(2013) [formerly known as Proline].


While color formulas have changed the original formula colors of EcoStone (2011-2012) will still be available on a special order basis as an EcoStone Classic color. This is also the case with the original Bufftech™ Proline (2007-2012) fencingwhich can be special orderd as Proline Classic for existing fence line extensions.


Reality about Bufftech™ colors:

While the manufacturer indicates that there is a slight difference in the color formulation of Ecostone Classic (2011-2012) colors compared to the Proline fence (2007-2012) and the New EcoStone (2013) or EcoStone Plus (2013 )ALLof these fence product lines very closely approximate the original Proline fence (2007-2012) colors in appearance with the exception of the Ecostone Classic (2011-2012) brown color.


Added Strength

Bufftech™ also reports that the new formula blends also result in an even more robust product structurally for EcoStone Plus (2013 ).


New Gate Option:

Now a new Variable –Sized gate with an internal steel frame and Bufftech™ shells and uprights, can be built onsite to the width of the opening. This eliminates the need to wait for a special order sized gate from the factory.

Staying the Same:

  • Gates:

Standard width gates 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’ and special order gates for oversized openings are still available.

  • Warranty:
    • EcoStone: 25 year Manufacturer Warranty
    • EcoStone Plus: Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty
  • Superior Wind Rating: certified to constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and 130 mph gusts
  • Stability: both durable and stable in temperature extremes( -40° to 140° F)
  • Sound Cancelation: Blocks 98% of direct sound with a sound transmission class (STC) rating of 26
  • Green Solution: while all Bufftech™ fencing is made from recyclable plastic, EcoStone panels are made from 25% recycled plastic earning a LEED Certification rating of 3-4 points
  • Graffiti Resistant: the closed molecular structure and chemically inert properties of the polyethylene plastic (same type of plastic used for gasoline containers) allow for a simple pressure washer removal process for most graffiti , and removal with carburetor cleaner for stubborn paints.
  • Made in the USA

Extend Outdoor Living

Building a fence or deck is a great way to extend your living space beyond the walls of your home. With recently improved color and railing options for composite decking, you have virtually endless design capabilities.

Composite materials are an innovative building solution that combines plastic and wood by integrating the best qualities of both – composites will no rot and do not need to be stained.

A great imagination and a great contractor can help you create an extension of your living space that is both unique and complementary to your home and personality.

Another key part to your outdoor living experience is a fence. Fences provide safety, security and privacy. If the correct product is chosen, a fence will also provide an attractive and durable backdrop for your yard and landscape.

Cedar fencing has typically been the fence of choice for beauty and strength. However, because of maintenance connected with wood, vinyl has become increasingly popular despite its lower strength and limited aesthetic appeal.

Now, new composite fencing products such as Trex (the leader in composite decking) have come to the market to offer the same qualities and benefits as their popular composite decking. Providing the beauty and strength of wood and the ease and care of vinyl fencing products, this product is also available in several colors: Saddle, Madeira, Woodland Brown and Winchester Grey. This palette of eye-catching colors can be matched to your deck, trim or siding to help complement your beautiful home and landscape.

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Eco Friendly Product

What do you get when you combine school children, plastic bags, and math? You get a Trex Product! Matoaca Middle School in Chesterfield, Virginia and Trex building products have teamed up for the second year. Students collect and count plastic shopping bags, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags and food bags. After counting the bags, students graph the data for use in math and science class activities. Trex processes the plastic bags into alternative decking and patio materials.

Trex Seclusions fencing and decking products are serious about the commitment to the environment. Back that with Trex’s unmatched 25-year limited fade and stain warranty and all your left to worry about is if your house will last as long as your deck. This is why Fence & Deck Supply is proud to be Utah’s Trex Fencing supplier.

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Form and Function – Trex

There are two purposes for a fence: form and function. If you only want a fence to do its job (keep people, animals, and other stuff out of your yard) then you may as well go with a chain link fence around your front yard. While this may be the most economical way to go, it doesn’t accomplish the second purpose of a fence: the form.

Most people want their fence to not only provide security for their yard and home, but also to make it look good. Your fence is the first thing that people notice about your home, even before your home itself. Why not make it look really good instead of focusing on the industrial chain link look? Consider some of my favorite options for having a fence that not only provides excellent security and strength, but also packages your home in an attractive fence.

Trex Posts with Ornamental Panels

This is my favorite look. By adding the Trex Posts (particularly in Saddle or Woodland Brown) it will make your iron fence more robust and add a new layer of depth to your yard. Plus, after all your landscaping and yard work do you really want to distract from your yard with a privacy fence?

Trex Composite Fencing

So maybe you want to cover up your yard or are not comfortable with having everyone see your house. Trex Composite Fencing alone provides the best look for a yard. I recommend using a two toned look with Saddle Posts, Top and Bottom Rail and Woodland Brown Pickets (seen below). This adds a new dimension to your fence line while not increasing the cost for materials at all.

Not set on either of these designs? Also look into Bufftech Faux Rock Fencing for an attractive option.

Premium Cedar Fencing

The Benefits of Fence and Deck Supply Fences

  • No surprises: Every board has been graded, ensuring that you’re getting the highest quality of Western Red Cedar.
  • Consistent supply: We maintain a well-stocked supply of all its cedar to meet all incoming orders. We maintain more products in our inventory at any one time than our competitors. If you need it, Fence and Deck Supply has it.
  • Dependability for your business: When it comes to pleasing your customers you don’t want any surprises. Cedar fencing products will help you build your business and make your clients happy ones.
  • Customer services: We provide tools and support resources that makes the sales process for distributors and installers easier.

To care for your new Cedar Fence consider the following ideas:

  • Consider staining, oiling or painting your Cedar fence. Paints will last the longest (up to 10 years) followed by stains (4 years) and oils (2 years).
  • Reapply a fresh coat periodically. Western Red Cedar is extremely resilient to weathering but if you want your fence looking the way you prefer and in top condition, remember to periodically add another coat when it’s the right time. Just remember to first clean your fence thoroughly before applying that fresh coat.
  • Perform periodic checks and patch cracks. By repairing breaks in your wood you’re keeping water from getting into the deeper structure of the fence. When it freezes this water will expand and push the wood further apart, resulting in a split.
  • Replace broken boards and reattach loose ones. Pets and children will try and find ways to get around or underneath your fence. Simple maintenance will help keep them from roaming outside your yard – or from getting in.

Tie Fork Installation

A project of that CFC installed recently was featured on Design Cost Data recently. We enjoyed installing the split rail fence around the Tie Fork Rest Area in Tucker, Utah. It is a beautiful facility and the split rail fencing is the perfect addition.

“During the early 1900’s the Town of Tucker, Utah had a population of about 200 people. Tucker started as a simple railroad junction, between the main line of the Denver and Rio Grande Western railroad and the spur of the Utah and Pleasant Valley Railway and ran to the mines of the area. In 1913 the railroad was re-aligned and completely rerouted. With the railroad rerouted, the town was abandoned. In the years hence the state of Utah used the abandoned town site for a rest area. Tucker Rest area (Milepost 204) was built in 1969 and served travelers for 40 years.

In 2009, the Tucker rest area was removed for a highway safety project. To honor the town, the state of Utah built a replacement facility about 2 miles downstream from Tucker and the new facility was named the Tie Fork Rest Area. The UDOT concept team felt it was important to build the restroom and visitor center to resemble a train depot of the early 1900’s. A train depot would pay tribute to the town of Tucker and also to the railroad heritage of the area. The design and project were impressive and voted one of the most beautiful buildings in Utah in a contest sponsored by the American Institute of Architects in 2010.”

Read the rest of the article here.


When to Stain

I am often asked how soon you should stain your fence this is the answer that I have found:

The most common reason for staining a fence is two-fold; aesthetics (the look of the thing) and preservation (stain helps to extend the life of some types of wood). 

For untreated wood (except cedar) you can and in most areas should stain your fence immediately you finish putting it up. 
Semi-transparency or solid, latex/acrylic or oil based stains all work and have various pros and cons.

For cedar fences, personal taste is your best guide. This is one of the woods where preservation is less needed. Teak and cypress being two others (but the prices for these can be prohibitive). 
Good cedar will “silver” within a year or two, depending on your area, and the amount of “weather” you experience. If you like the look of silvered cedar, it is completely unnecessary to do anything but wait.
If, however, you do not like the “silvered” look, the fence will need to be stained, usually after the first year.

Pressure treated wood should be allowed to weather a bit before staining. It usually comes with a bit of color from the chemicals used in the process, so it is best to let that fade, particularly if you are using a semi-transparent stain. 
Depending on your area and the amount of “weather” you get this will take anywhere from 2 months to a year.
Once the wood has started to grey give it a good cleaning, allow it to dry, and then apply your stain.
If you are using a solid stain, the timing is less important, you can usually paint it with a solid stain within weeks of finishing your project.